Tag: New Psychology Terms

Oct 12

Consequence Displacement

It has been a while since I coined any new psychology terms.  Too long.  I have another one I’ve been dying to share, because it happens all the time to everyone, and something that happens this frequently always deserves its own terminology.  It has to do with all the times when we feel consequences we …

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Nov 10

Environmental Normalization

“,   In Fall 2004, I taught two sections of Math 120 at University of Nevada, Reno.  Before classes began, I spent many hours trying to come up with the fairest and most generous class policy I could possibly conceive, and I took great pride in the fact that it was even more generous than …

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Oct 28

Illusory Gain or Loss

One of the hottest topics that piano teachers talk about when they get together is make-up lesson policy.  The classic conflict arises when a student insists that they are paying for the teacher’s time, while the teacher insists the student is paying for the time slot (tuition), so if that time slot is missed, the lesson …

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Oct 26

Perception Imposition

Immediately after a concert I gave a few years ago, a pianist introduced himself and said he’d be interested in being presented at the same venue in his own concert.  He mentioned some difficult repertoire he was working on at the time and said he wanted to tour with a solo piano program.  I concluded he must …

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